One team, one goal!

Corporation Cup brings the staff of the company together. A "dream team" is ready to run for the winning of the championship.

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Well, colleagues, lets ran?

Join Corporation Cup GoldenRingRun 2020 as a corporate team. Run for the victory in one of the 3 categories of the championship.

Each team member will: 

  • show an encouragement, cohesion and passion; 
  • get a powerful adrenaline rush and bright impressions of each race; 
  • "earn" points and lead your team to victory! 

There are 3 ways to register a command:

  1. By clicking on the banner below;
  2. During your registration for any event of the Golden Ring Run 2020;
  3. After your registation for the event: check your personal account - section "My Championships". Select "Create a team" in front of the championship "Corporation Cup GoldenRingRun 2020".

How can a participant join the team? 

  1. On the website choose an interesting event;
  2. Register for events and "earn" points for every kilometer you'd run.
  3. During your registration, enter the "code of joining" which you'd received from the captain of your team; 
  4. More events - more kilometers - more points - more chances to win!

Winners of the championship:

The Winning team of the championship is the team with the highest score.  Points are calculated as follows:

  1. The sum of points of 15 best individual results of team members in each race is summed up.
  2. If there are less than 15 participants in the team, the points of the actual number of team members are summed up.
  3. The points of 7 events in which the team scored the most points are summed up.
  4. If the team took part in less than 7 events, the points of the actual number of events in which the team took part are summed up.

The most cohesive team - the team with the highest score among all participants without any restrictions.

The most active team - the team with the biggest amount unique participants who succesfully finished the race.

Period of the championship: May 1 - October 4, 2020.

The final results of the championship will be announced no later than November 15, 2020.

Read the championship regulations. You can find answers to all the questions related to participation in it.

Statistics on participation

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